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  1. May 15,  · It quickly and easily turns on the flashlight next to the rear camera. Features: 1. Flashlight in Dark 2. Color Screen Flashlight 3. Morse Code Flashlight for SOS 4. Compass & Map With this app, you can do: + Find Your Keys in the Dark + Read a Real Book at Night + Light the Way When Camping and Hiking + Make Yourself Visible on Roadside at Night + Light Your Room During /5(K).
  2. Oct 08,  · Update makes app useless as a flashlight Update: So they recently did an update to the app. It went from bad to worse. Previously, if I lowered the brightness of the led light, turned the light off and back on using the light button on the app and tried to make the light brighter again, it wouldn’t go brighter until I force closed the app/5(K).
  3. Why is this the BEST Flashlight App for Windows Phone? - FASTEST turn on time. INSTANT On. - Simple and elegant design - NO ADVERTISEMENTS (no network data used, no tracking) - Flashlight can run even when phone is locked - STROBE LIGHT functionality for variable time flash on/off cycle - Use external camera button to turn on/off flash - LIVE TILE & LOCK SCREEN displays battery level 4/5(2).
  4. Tactical Flashlight $ Max Lumens: 1, NEW Tactical Flashlight Max Lumens: 1, L Flashlight Max Lumens: 2, Flashlight Max Lumens: Certifications: Class I, Division 1 i Flashlight Max Lumens: Certifications: IECEx ia / ATEX Zone 0 About Our Story Our Mission, Vision & Values.
  5. Jan 31,  · ‎Flashlight goes way beyond the standard white light that it provides into a world you can illuminate with special effects that you customize. Effects include magnifying lens, candy hearts that you can personalize, fireworks, festive holiday lights, Halloween ghosts and goblins, photos, and more. T /5().
  6. Flashlights / Survival of the brightest. SureFire flashlights deliver the utmost in performance, durability and versatility, and they are backed by our No-Hassle Guarantee.

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