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9 thoughts on “ Tortured - AcГ©ldama - Essence Of Impurity (CDr, Album)

  1. MADNESS (Bra) Essence of the death CD. Death metal/ Old brutal death METASTASIS (Chile) The blackened essence Demo tape. Old school thrash/ Thrash death. Merciless (Swe), Kreator. REGORGE (Bra) Living on torment Demo CDr. Old brutal death ROT (Bra)/ PUTREFACAO HUMANA (Bra) Split CDr. Grind TURBOCHARGED (Swe) Area Tape. Old death metal.
  2. Mark played drums in a few local doom and deathmetal bands such as Horde of Impurity and Execration. Throughout the 90's he was drawing logos, t-shirt, and flier art for those bands, yet never did much else with his talent.
  3. damnation through impurity - essence of brutality - dehydrated - ideas - drain of impurity -sordid acts of torture drear / great american desert - warring against the sun / solipsis dying breed - flesh flower - the best album - without back cover - you will get 2 front cover instead for back cover.
  4. Tortured-droning-improv-ritual-filth. It all feels very personal and arcane. Gormantatinus is the aural essence of Korean evil. This is the second of three equally unnerving demos and it was limited to a mere 70 copies on cdr. Karmrath Astomaridu also releases demos as Zerzyan Loathe and plays in .
  5. - [ Blood Upon The Altar] - Ho, ho, ho, take a look at the photo. It's almost worse than SODOM A.D. - so is the music! This is one of the reviews I've been looking forward to with great expectations.
  6. CD-uri si CDR-uri: (trupa - album - gen - pret) 16 BLASARE UTAN HJARNA - Aldrig mer en Mohikan (Fast Punk Thrash) - 20 - Brutal Miserable Drama (Death Metal) - 20 2 WOLVES - Gentlemen, Please (Symphonic Industrial Gothic Doom Metal, Finland) - 20 2 WOLVES - Men Of Honour (Symphonic Industrial Gothic Doom Metal, Finland) -
  7. ÚLTIMOS DÍAS DE PROMOCIÓN Desde este semana que se van reactivando las cosas comenzamos las entregas en la ciudad y envíos a las provincias que se pueda.
  8. Domination Through Impurity - Essence Of Brutality - CD, Album Domine - Dragonlord (Tales Of The Noble Steel) - CD, Album Progression Of Impurity - CDr, Album Impurity - Unearthly Affinity - CD, EP Sleeping Village - Homo Homini Lupus - CDr, EP Slowly Tortured To Death - Slowly Tortured To Death - Cass, Ltd, Num.
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